Admission Dates


We are hosting three information and open evenings at the middle schools, as follows:

Harrold Priory Middle School, Harrold: Tuesday, 20th October 6.00pm
Lincroft Middle School, Oakley: Wednesday, 21st October 6.00pm
Margaret Beaufort Middle School, Riseley: Thursday, 22nd October 6.00pm

Alternatively, you can arrange a complementary visit during the school day to see teaching and learning in action during the Open Days held 3rd and 4th November. There will be a guided tour in groups of up to 8 families at any one time lasting just under an hour, led by Year 8 students.

Further information about the organisation of information evening and booking to tour the school during the open week will follow soon but we want you to be aware of the dates in good time to enable families to make arrangements to attend or to visit. Please do not hesitate to contact the middle school directly or by email at if you have any questions at this stage

We look forward to meeting with you on the Information Evenings and during the Open Days.

Application Dates for September 2016

October 2015 - Information is sent to parents of all children living in and attending a lower school in the Local Authority area. Parents of children who do not live in Bedford Borough will be advised to contact their home Local Authority.

15 January 2016 - Completed application forms are to be returned to the School Admissions Service by this date via the lower school or directly to the School Admissions Service. Online applications are also to be submitted by this date. Parents of children who do not live in Bedford Borough must return their form to their home Local Authority.

18 April 2016 - parents are to notify School Admissions Service of their rejection of the place offered if this is no longer required.  If parents do not respond by this date it will be assumed that they have accepted the place.

18 April 2016 - parents not offered a place will be invited to request a place at a school with vacancies.

Further information can be found at the Bedford Borough site.