Our Admissions Policy

We appreciate the importance that parents attach to expressing their school preferences. Margaret Beaufort is a very popular and oversubscribed school and admission cannot always be guaranteed, even to families living very close to the School. The school serves surrounding villages, drawing its catchment from, in the main, Keysoe, Riseley, Sharnbrook, Souldrop and Thurleigh. There are also significant numbers of children joining the school from outside the catchment area.

Parents are advised to ensure that they are fully aware of the procedures for selecting a new school. Please take careful account of the information published within the prospectus and the common application form you will have received.

Parents will be notified of the school’s allocation of places in the spring term. Should the number of applications for admission exceed 90; Governors will allocate places according to the admission criteria.

Overriding priority will be given by the school to the admission of pupils who are ‘looked after’ or have a Statement of Special Educational Needs.

Admission to Margaret Beaufort

Margaret Beaufort Middle School is a comprehensive co-educational middle school. The school serves several surrounding villages.

As of the 1st September 2006 the school assumed foundation status having previously been a community school. Pupils enter Margaret Beaufort at the age of 9 (Year 5) from local lower schools. The school has been oversubscribed for a number of years through parental choice. Through increased pupil movement outside of the normal admission round, the school has precedent for moving from 3 to 4 form entry during the lifetime of several cohorts. In January 2007 the Governing Body resolved to set a new admission number of 90, with effect from September 2008. The decision is based on providing the capacity to match the potential admissions from the five feeder lower schools as well as those in Margaret Beaufort’s catchment area, but not attending a feeder lower.

The Governing Body, as the admission authority, determines the school’s admission policy and arrangements, for taking decisions on applications for admission.                                           

Admission Appeals

Any parent (except, temporarily, the parent of a child who has been permanently excluded from two schools) who is refused a school place for which they have applied, has the right to appeal to an independent appeal panel. The panel is independent of the Governing Body and the Local Authority Admissions Team. The panel will consist of people who have experience in education and acquainted with the area.Should the committee find in favour of the parent, the decision is binding on the school. Further details regarding the law on admissions and appeals can be obtained from the Local Authority Admissions Team, you can do this online at  Alternatively you can get a copy of the appeal form and booklet by telephoning 01234 228523, via email or by writing to the Office of the Clerk to the Appeal Panel,Committee Services, Bedford Borough Council, Borough Hall, Cauldwell Street, Bedford MK42 9AP

The Admission Appeals Timetable 2016 will appear here when published