Extra-curricular activities

ENRICHMENT and EXCELLENCE at Margaret Beaufort Middle School

Curriculum Enrichment

The school also has an annual ‘Arts Week’ where professional arts practitioners visit the school and work alongside the pupils studying a range of visual and performing arts techniques. A great many clubs and activities are organised by the staff before school, at lunchtime, after school and at weekends. Margaret Beaufort Middle School PE Fixtures.

The activities are varied, exciting and challenging and include sport, choir, music groups and orchestra, computer, languages, drama, dance, art and design, science and technology. We are very proud of our successes as a School at every level.

In addition, we provide opportunities for visits from school, including residential experiences, for all Years. Pupils also enjoy lots of opportunity for extension activities. The school has adopted Local Authority policy for health and safety on all school visits – including undertaking risk assessments.

Healthy Schools

Margaret Beaufort is part of and has achieved the nationally accredited ‘Healthy Schools’ scheme. As teachers and parents we instinctively know that learning comes easier to a healthy child. With this in mind it is also a commitment to raising standards across many areas of school activity:

  • Drug and Alcohol Education
  • Healthy Eating
  • Physical Activity
  • Safety
  • Sex and Relationships Education
  • School Travel Plan
  • Emotional Health and Well-being

The School Sport Partnership

Margaret Beaufort is fully involved in the national Physical Education, School Sport and Club Links strategy. Margaret Beaufort is very lucky to have a great many really committed staff that give very generously of their time for school sport outside lessons, including forging and fostering links with outside clubs. We currently hold the highly prized Sportsmark award which shows that we are exceeding its requirements.

Specialist Schools & Academics Trust

In 2008 Margaret Beaufort was awarded Specialist Schools Status for the Performing Arts. The designation allows the school to enhance its provision for the arts across all subject areas, using a range of kinaesthetic, aural and visual techniques to enhance learning. Margaret Beaufort is privileged to have attained this accolade and is exploring a number of projects, some exclusively for Margaret Beaufort and other ideas involving collaborations across the North Bedfordshire Schools Trust.

The designation not only allows pupils to participate in a range of performance opportunities, but also allows pupils to engage in stage and costume design, lighting and sound, stage management, publicity and programme production.

During the academic year pupils are given opportunities for educational visits to local and national theatres, galleries and dance and music venues; here they can experience the arts first hand and participate in workshops with industry professionals.

In addition, the school celebrates the talents of its pupils by holding an annual performance such as ‘Oliver’ and ‘Peter Pan’ most recently.

The school also has an annual ‘Arts Week’ where professional arts practitioners visit the school and work alongside the pupils studying a range of visual and performing arts techniques.

The school also engages in a number of outreach projects with the community, assisting other local schools, clubs and organisations with educational workshops and performances; using specialist resources and accommodation to support other local performing arts groups.

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