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January 2016

You are probably aware of plans to change the structure of schooling in Bedford Borough. The current three-tier approach sees most local children start their formal education at a lower school before going to middle school then upper school. The three-tier approach has worked very well in the past but it is increasingly out-dated and now hinders provision of a first-rate education. The plan is to switch to a two tier model so that children would first attend a primary and then a secondary school.
In Riseley, Margaret Beaufort School currently covers school years 5 to 8. From September 2017, Margaret Beaufort intends to become a Primary School. We have been engaged in a consultation process about this change and are pleased to announce publication of a plan with further information.

Highlights include…

  • Specialist teachers for English, Mathematics, Music, Modern Foreign Languages and PE
  • All children learning a Modern Foreign Language from Reception year
  • Separate play areas and outside classrooms for children of different age ranges
  • First-rate learning environments including dedicated science laboratories and ICT suites
  • A purpose-built setting in the school grounds for a Pre-school class for children aged 2½ to 4 years, including a dedicated outdoor play area
  • A curriculum that is both challenging and exciting and an educational approach that recognises children’s learning needs evolve as they grow
  • A strong emphasis on safety and well-being.  The site will have one access point and secure fencing to the front of the school
  • A sensitive approach to helping children transition into the pre-school, into the primary school and from primary to secondary school
  • A raft of enrichment activities – e.g. Sporting Clubs, Performing Arts, Homework Club, etc - allowing children to explore their interests and learn beyond the National Curriculum
  • Before and After School Clubs that will allow parents to leave their children at school from 8am and collect as late as 5:30pm where required
  • We shall make available our specialist facilities to the local lower schools moving to primary in 2017
  • Guaranteed entry to Sharnbrook School for pupils attending Margaret Beaufort Primary

As we work towards September 2017, we shall continue to welcome contact from those with an interest in local education.  If you have any ideas, suggestions, questions, concerns or comments, please get in touch.  We will be glad to hear from you.
To comment on the “SAF Plans for the Future for the Delivering Excellence in Education at Margaret Beaufort Primary School”, please visit at any time.
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SAF Plans for the Future - Delivering Excellence in Education at Margaret Beaufort Primary School